5 Tips for Baby’s First Christmas

When a new baby is born the atmosphere of the entire house changes. Everything you do is centered on that new born baby. If it’s your first Christmas with the baby then you definitely need to make it special. Many families have special traditions for the new born baby. If you don’t have one, then you can always create one. These are some tips for your baby’s first Christmas.

Personalized stockings

You can get red stockings for your baby with white fluff trim. You can write your baby’s name on them in glitter. It is a perfect Christmas gift. You can make it a family tradtion also. Next time when a baby is born you can make similar stockings and hang it on your Christmas tree.

Special ornament

It’s a tradition in most family to give ornament to a new born baby on his or her first Christmas. You can also do the same. You can buy a necklace or locket with the baby’s initial on it. You can make it a tradition and hang it on the Christmas tree.

Photo frame

You can give a personalized photo frame with the baby’s name and age on it. You can put a lovely photo of your baby in it. Your baby will cherish it for all the coming years.

Foot and hand prints

You will find different types of dough or modeling clay in the market. You can buy those to make hand and footprints of your baby. Then you can frame it. The modeling clay or plaster is harmless and you won’t have to worry about any skin infections. You can easily wash them off. Your baby will love the sweet memory once he or she grows up.

Personalized blanket

You can buy a personalized soft blanket for your baby with your baby’s name on it. It will keep your baby cozy and comfortable during the cold months. It’s something your baby will keep in his or her closet for years. It will create a wonderful memory for your baby.

Having a new born baby for the Christmas can be exciting. It’s a special occasion for the baby and the entire family. Though the baby won’t understand what you are doing, you should do everything to create a special memory for your baby. You can follow your existing family traditions or create new ones for your baby. Your baby will cherish these memories forever.