5 Christmas Gifts For Kayakers And Canoeists

Kayaking and canoeing are great outdoor activities. There are people who consider it as a regular sport and enjoy it in any season. If you know someone who is a kayaker or canoeist and you are thinking of giving them Christmas gifts, then you should think of something related to their activities. Nothing will impress them more than a gift that they can relate to kayaking and canoeing. Here are some ideas for you.

Deck bag

A deck bag is an essential item for a kayaker or canoeist. You can buy a large deck bag that has enough space to keep snacks, water bottles, maps and also a first aid kit. You must make sure that the bag has a non-slip vinyl attachment system so that it doesn’t move back and forth while kayaking or canoeing. The vinyl attachment helps to keep the bag in place. You must also ensure that the bag is waterproof.


Books can be a wonderful gift for these adventurers. Whether the person is a beginner or an expert in kayaking or canoeing, he or she will love reading books on this topic. It will help them to learn more tricks and enjoy their adventurous rides more. They will be able to know about places where they can challenge themselves, beat the water and get proper knowledge to purchase the best kayaks for beginners.


Coolers are essential for river trips. You will find good quality coolers in the market that can keep beer or other beverages cool. The size is just fine to squeeze into the raft. The contents will be kept cool for a long time. The coolers are easy to clean as well. So, after a rough river ride, the person will be able to enjoy some cool beverages.

Paddling lesson

For a paddler, learning is a long journey. No matter how expert he is on this, there are still things to learn. So, booking a paddling lesson will be a fine gift for a paddler. They will enjoy a trip to a new place with someone expert to guide them. There are many programs that offer these lessons along with lodging facilities. A gift certificate is also provided.


Most of us don’t realize the usefulness of a simple flashlight. For a paddler, it is absolutely essential. When you are on a kayaking or canoeing trip, you might have to stop at places for the night. You might live in lodging or even build a camp. A flashlight will be very helpful to show you ways. When you are still on the river after sunset, you can tie a flashlight on the boat to show you the path clearly. So, a flashlight can be a great Christmas gift for a paddler.

For paddlers, nothing is more important than their adventurous rides. So, these items just discussed will be the perfect Christmas gift for them.